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Our youth must insure own future

By Wg Cdr Rakesh Sharma (Retd), Ashoka Chakra | NOV 2015

The year 2020, as envisaged by India’s People's President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, is just a shade above 4 years from now – not a big number given the timelines of our ancient civilization. In this fast moving world, we ought to be looking ahead rather than at our past and hence this attempt to gaze in the crystal ball.

By 2020, more than 66 crore Indians will be below the age of 25 and the average age of India in that year is expected to be 29 – much lower than that of China (37 years) and Japan (48 years). Different people interpret this fact very differently.

Economists and planners look at this as a demographic dividend that can be leveraged to boost the nation’s economy, while politicians see it as a potential vote bank that needs to be focused on and so on.

To the discerning youth of today, these are just numbers. Knowing very well that this constituency is aspirational, it is concerned only with the profound influence that governance exerts on creating opportunities and through it, personal wealth.

It is said that every country gets the government it deserves. This cannot be truer than it is, in our case. We expect the government to do everything for us, while we unthinkingly do everything to make governance a difficult task for them.

We want corruption to be eradicated but we do not hesitate for a second before bribing policemen, government inspectors, politicians and a host of others. We raise demands for a clean country but carelessly litter public places almost every day.

If our great country has to regain its past glory, it needs to be driven by our demographic dividend: our youth. The very youth that runs the risk of not realizing their aspirations if social indices in our country do not improve; and if our civil services do not become more open, transparent, clean and efficient.

Every young student and youth of today need to insure his own future by positively contributing towards the change he or she wishes to see in our country. Today’s student is going to raise a family tomorrow. Every family needs a role model it can look up to. Be that model!

My best wishes to Team Billion Beats!

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