"My National Flag flies in my heart and I will bring glory to my Nation." - Guru Kalam


Write for Billion Beats

During the launch of Billion Beats on November 14 in 2007, Guru Kalam termed the concept as a beautiful idea. He wanted the e-paper to set a new tradition and celebrate the success of the people wherever they are.

“It (a success story) may be from an agricultural village, or fishing village, it may be from a dairy village, it may be from the industrial or service sector,” he had said. Guru Kalam also wanted a writing opportunity to be given to anyone who could put together stories of unsung heroes in a decent format.

“This should become a people’s paper, capturing the pulse of India. We have islands of success in every field of activity and Billion Beats should connect them to make a garland,” Guru Kalam had said.

Keeping in mind the vision of Guru Kalam, we are opening up the reporting channels of Billion Beats to all of you who want to be part of this mission. For this, all you need to have is a decent understanding of the English language (since the medium of Billion Beats is English), an eye for detail and the ability to put things across in a simple format. Every article must be accompanied by high-resolution photographs.

The editorial team would evaluate every article before publishing it online. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Do not copy published content from the Internet. Also, do not send us photos taken from the Internet.

If you want to be a registered crew member of Billion Beats, please fill up this form as the first step. You will have to complete a few more official procedures before you are formally enrolled as a contributor to Billion Beats.

Join us in our endeavour to take India forward the write way!


Volunteer with Us

Do you want to be a volunteer with Inspired Indian Foundation? Do you want to be part of our silent missions backing unsung heroes and inspiring Indians? You would match our wavelength if you can:

  • Work with a smile
  • Accept any responsibility given to you
  • Support and contribute to our initiatives
  • Sacrifice a little time for a cause

In return you get nothing but satisfaction. Remember, as a matter of principle, most activities of the IIF have been sans any publicity. The reason is simple: Spread goodness. Not noise.

So, if you think you are the kind who can be part of the IIF journey, then do write to us with your complete profile and area of interest.

We will revert with the details of the joining formalities. Our email IDs are: anantha.ak@gmail.com or ak@billionbeats.in or aj@billionbeats.in or billionbeats@gmail.com and Phone No:+91 78997 78888

Please note that the IIF is a registered body headquartered in Bengaluru, spearheading a series of inspiring missions since 2007, including Billion Beats. The Editorial Team behind Billion Beats reports to IIF, while the trustees of Kalam Foundation in Rameswaram are the Mentors.

Support IIF, get free ads on Billion Beats

Since Guru Kalam was against the use of his name and missions for commercial purposes, we are not entertaining requests for placing direct advertisements on the Billion Beats website. On the suggestion of the House of Kalam, it has now been decided to offer free advertisements to all those who contribute to the cause of Inspired Indian Foundation.

There are 2 slots for advertisements on the Billion Beats website:
Option 1: Right Panel(size: W 406 x H 300 px)
Option 2: Panel below stories(size: W 1170 x H 165 px)

Donations to IIF are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. More details here: http://inspiredindianfoundation.org/support-us.html

Do get in touch with us if you are convinced about our mission and are keen to support us. You could email us at anantha.ak@gmail.com or ak@billionbeats.in or aj@billionbeats.in or billionbeats@gmail.com for more details about advertisement options.

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