"My National Flag flies in my heart and I will bring glory to my Nation." - Guru Kalam

india of my dreams

Amid the good and the bad
By  Arav Gaurav Shah (4-C, Delhi Public School, Surat) | FEB, 2016

There are many things, good and bad about my India. But amid all, there are many small things that we as a country should address.

For example, every poor person who works for his family should get a good house to live, clothes to wear, food and other essentials. There should be no garbage on the roads and if someone throws waste, they should be punished. No one should cut trees because if so, soon there will be no greenery in the world and we will become extinct due to the lack of oxygen.

No one should ride vehicles for small distances as they pollute the air by increasing carbon dioxide content. We should instead walk or cycle to nearby places. Sports must be encouraged among children and even poor kids must be educated.

A recipe for india
By  Tanvi Mirji (Class 6, Sishu Griha Montessori &
High School, Bengaluru) | FEB 2016
2 tsp care
1/2 cup courage
1 tbsp love
2 cups cleanliness
7 pinches good economy
For garnish - Gardens Public areas
2 leaves of perseverance
3 sprigs of prosperity
Method: Lightly mix all the ingredients and bake for 5 minutes in an oven that does not
add to global warming.
Tip: Do not over bake as a layer of corruption may form at the top.
Decorate with your garnish.
Chef’s Tip: Use a sieve to pass the gardens and public areas to get rid of the garbage.
Serve with a generous dollop of good roads and enjoy!
His ticket to success came from strong will
By Vagdevi H.S., Nov, 2015
As they say, the real opportunity for success lies within the person and not the job; as was proved wonderfully by Mohan H. M., a simple bus conductor in a city bus who has secured a Doctorate degree in History.
Born in a small besmirched village of Harohalli, Mohan completed his primary education and moved to Mandya for college education. Nurturing his mind with great thoughts and ambitions, he moved to Mysuru to continue his degree. However, fate had a different plan. With the sad demise of his father, he had to quit studies and start working for Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC). When he started issuing tickets to hundreds of students commuting by bus every day, the concealed spark within him kindled again, which prompted him to work towards his dreams. He completed his Master’s Degree in History from KSOU and wrote the entrance exam for Ph.D. To his surprise, he stood second in the test, which assured him a seat to continue his research work. During the entire course, he juggled between work and a familial life while pursuing research paid rich dividends. Finally, all his hard work paid off and he was awarded the Doctorate degree. Being a voracious reader, he wants to publish books in Kannada to help students from rural areas to get a better scope of education. This, he says, is his humble service to the society. “As a student, I faced a lot of trouble not having access to research material in Kannada, which limited my resources,” he says. Today, not only his family and friends but also the KSRTC is incredibly proud of him and his achievements. Dr. Mohan H.M. has proved that the journey of success begins with one step and the strong determination to succeed.

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