"My National Flag flies in my heart and I will bring glory to my Nation." - Guru Kalam

india of my dreams

From Israel to India
By Amshuda Rose Dominic
(1XF, Placid Vidya Vihar, Kerala) | NOV 2016)

A few months ago, I visited Israel. It was a very happy trip for me but one incident made it the most memorable. I was admiring each and every part of the countryside.The tour guide informed that the government provides grants to all who were interested in agriculture and they supported agriculturalists and peasants in a highly influential way.

The people preferred working hard rather than enjoying hereditary grants and this was clear from the lush green fields. I thought about India. Our country was obviously better than them in terms of soil fertility, climate and availability of water. But the people are very lazy. We prefer getting our work done, rather than doing it.

To my surprise, I found an Indian. His name was Debashish S Chathurvedi, a Bengali. His factory produced ready-to-eat fruit slices and salads. According to him it was a very profitable business, but involved a lot of work. Debashish worked 14 hours a day operating and analyzing the work of the slicer.

He earned 1400 Shekel a month, an okay amount under Israelite standards. I said: “All Indians are quite lazy, they prefer bunking work.”

He smiled and replied: “My child, Indians are not lazy but are among the most hardworking races of the world. I work for my family in India. I sent my salary to Kolkata every month. It may not last me much here but it is the least I can do to my family. Not all of us enjoy hereditary grants, a majority of us earn the bread of our sweat. We are ready to cross all the seas for our bread. It’s not you, it’s not me but it’s us.” He said with a grin.

Unknowingly, a tear slipped from my eye. I felt quite guilty yet proud to be an Indian. Truly India does have a future.

E-literacy must be expanded
By Roshini Trisa Benoy
(1XF, Placid Vidya Vihar, Kerala) | NOV 2016

Guarded by the Himalayas from the North, adorned by the rivers and forests and surrounded by the great oceans on the three sides, lies our beautiful country India. There is no other county in the world other than India which has a vast diversity in languages, food, clothing and historical sites. In spite of this, the people have become some big dirty patches on its beautiful face.

This needs to be washed off immediately. Corruption by the politicians and government officials, bribery, caste discriminations, dowry deaths, gender gaps, poverty, malnourishment are only some problems in this never ending list. These social evils are because of the high illiteracy rate and fake impersonators whom people blindly follow and fall into the pit of these rotting wastes. To overcome these problems some steps are to be taken.

A vigilant eye is needed over the ministers and government officials to prevent corruption and bribery and nepotism. Peace talks and treaties are to be held with our neighbours especially Pakistan for a peaceful Kashmir. Our citizens should be watched carefully to prevent terrorism and radicalism.

Satellite systems should be strengthened for increasing our national security and to predict the weather accurately so that the death toll due to natural calamities is low. People should be made literate and e-literacy should be expanded. Women should be made self capable to earn money and there should not be any discrimination between them in the work place.

Poor and underprivileged should get equal treatment and basic amenities and daily goods should be made available to them at affordable prices. Sports should be added in the school curriculum and students who are good at sports should be given training at a young age, so that they bring laurels for the country. These dreams are not just my dreams. These are the dreams of every Indian in their heart. If accomplished, our country will reach the top level being a model for the world.

His ticket to success came from strong will
By Vagdevi H.S., Nov, 2015
As they say, the real opportunity for success lies within the person and not the job; as was proved wonderfully by Mohan H. M., a simple bus conductor in a city bus who has secured a Doctorate degree in History.
Born in a small besmirched village of Harohalli, Mohan completed his primary education and moved to Mandya for college education. Nurturing his mind with great thoughts and ambitions, he moved to Mysuru to continue his degree. However, fate had a different plan. With the sad demise of his father, he had to quit studies and start working for Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC). When he started issuing tickets to hundreds of students commuting by bus every day, the concealed spark within him kindled again, which prompted him to work towards his dreams. He completed his Master’s Degree in History from KSOU and wrote the entrance exam for Ph.D. To his surprise, he stood second in the test, which assured him a seat to continue his research work. During the entire course, he juggled between work and a familial life while pursuing research paid rich dividends. Finally, all his hard work paid off and he was awarded the Doctorate degree. Being a voracious reader, he wants to publish books in Kannada to help students from rural areas to get a better scope of education. This, he says, is his humble service to the society. “As a student, I faced a lot of trouble not having access to research material in Kannada, which limited my resources,” he says. Today, not only his family and friends but also the KSRTC is incredibly proud of him and his achievements. Dr. Mohan H.M. has proved that the journey of success begins with one step and the strong determination to succeed.

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