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The sea, not the river
Poem |By Parvathy P | AUG 2019
I walk on the wet soil.
Into the river I go
Hoping to find some pearls,
In the darkest depths
Even when I know
How impossible it is
Since it's not the sea.

I feel a shudder of pain
As I think of those waves,
Going and coming back
And breaking their promise
Of forever and together.
Erasing my footsteps,
Of the way I came in,
With those recurring waves.

Now, I don't like the sea
As it took everything away.
The sun, the moon
The sand and my essence
Wiping the existence of me.
And so I reach the river
, Since it has been
The only one that stayed.

Maybe I was too naive
That I decided to not go back
To the sea, on the shore,
Even if it's where I long to be,
To the hurt, to the chaos,
That kept me awake
During those nights
Of pain, leaving me in vain.

For me, it has been the sea
That ran off with my soul
For reasons I don't know
And maybe don’t care,
By now, at least...
Poem |By Parvathy P | AUG 2019
What she wasn't was:

Pretty like the stars
Beloved like the moon
And soft like the breeze.

"She's nothing like the night,"
They said.

But what wasn't she?

Burned like the stars
Alone like the moon
Touched hearts like the breeze.

Maybe that's why she says, "They know nothing of the night after all."
(Parvathy P (19) is a Physics undergraduate student with St Joseph’s College, Kozhikode. She loves cooking, passionate about programming, reading, writing poems and short stories. She finds happiness in little things life has to offer.)
His ticket to success came from strong will
By Vagdevi H.S., Nov, 2015
As they say, the real opportunity for success lies within the person and not the job; as was proved wonderfully by Mohan H. M., a simple bus conductor in a city bus who has secured a Doctorate degree in History.
Born in a small besmirched village of Harohalli, Mohan completed his primary education and moved to Mandya for college education. Nurturing his mind with great thoughts and ambitions, he moved to Mysuru to continue his degree. However, fate had a different plan. With the sad demise of his father, he had to quit studies and start working for Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC). When he started issuing tickets to hundreds of students commuting by bus every day, the concealed spark within him kindled again, which prompted him to work towards his dreams. He completed his Master’s Degree in History from KSOU and wrote the entrance exam for Ph.D. To his surprise, he stood second in the test, which assured him a seat to continue his research work. During the entire course, he juggled between work and a familial life while pursuing research paid rich dividends. Finally, all his hard work paid off and he was awarded the Doctorate degree. Being a voracious reader, he wants to publish books in Kannada to help students from rural areas to get a better scope of education. This, he says, is his humble service to the society. “As a student, I faced a lot of trouble not having access to research material in Kannada, which limited my resources,” he says. Today, not only his family and friends but also the KSRTC is incredibly proud of him and his achievements. Dr. Mohan H.M. has proved that the journey of success begins with one step and the strong determination to succeed.

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