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I will walk one day and win a medal for India: Ananth Rao

By Anupama Jaiswal | FEB 2017

“I want to walk. I know I will. I wish to win a medal for India at Paralympics. With a little support from everyone, I will walk again,” says Ananth Rao, with misty eyes. Billion Beats was at Ananth Rao’s house in Mysuru recently to offer a contribution from Inspired Indian Foundation for his treatment.

The 26-year-old is paralyzed after an accident in September 2010. Ananth, a promising gymnast, mistimed a somersault during a practice session and landed on the head, shattering his spine at the cervical part (C-6 & C-7).

Billion Beats was inspired to see Ananth’s story after a video of his was sent to the team by Indian Air Force (IAF) Garuds. "I didn't know what happened and I felt like I’m on death bed. I lost all hope and thought my life is over,” says Ananth who has won more than 100 medals at state level and five medals at national level.

Today, with the help of HCG Foundation, Ananth Rao received mesenchymal stem cells which have given a ray of hope. Now, he is able to eat, read, write and does some basic movements. Born to autorickshaw driver Babu Rao and homemaker Lakshmi Bai, Ananth now wants to get back to the sport at the earliest.

“I am dreaming of the day getting back to action. I want to represent India. I know I will and that’s the only mission I have in life now,” says Ananth. His caring wife Chandraprabha, an Ayurvedic therapist, says she is inspired by Ananth’s passion for life.

Ananth Rao needs your help to chase his dreams

“He is my hero in every sense. I am praying to God that he achieves all his dreams very soon,” says Chandraprabha. Ananth has spent almost Rs 30 lakh so far on medicine and his treatment with the help of well-wishers.

But his fight ahead to recovery demands more attention emotionally and financially. With his basic computer knowledge, he is now looking for an online job as a graphic designer to make both ends meet. I love designing.

"I am hoping to get some assignments so that I can work from home,” says Ananth. During Facebook Live from his home, thousands of people offered him help.

"I have always been positive and never allowed any obstacles to slow me down towards my mission. I need the blessings from all of you,” says Ananth. He can be contacted at +91 97415 60492.

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