"My National Flag flies in my heart and I will bring glory to my Nation." - Guru Kalam

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Dr Nazeema offers sweets to birthday boy A P J M Maraikayar at a simple event held at Rameswaram on November 5. Guru Kalam’s friends too joined the cerebrations.

Happy 100: “How you live is important than how long you live”

By Team Billion Beats | Nov 2016

Janab Haji Md Muthu Meera Maraikayar, elder brother of Guru Kalam, turned 100 years on November 5. People of Rameswarm from all walks of life came together to celebrate the occasion.

House of Kalam gifted him a box of special attar, preserved by the former President for his brother. The event saw prominent politicians, film stars, scientists and educationists sharing their experiences and interacting with Maraikayar.

The organisers had a tough time controlling the crowd, with popular Tamil actor Vivek making repeated attempts to convince them. Vivek later spoke about his mission of planting one crore saplings, inspired by the vision set by Guru Kalam. All through the event, Maraikayar, who was silent, was seen blessing everyone who came to greet him. For Maraikayar, living for a century wasn’t any extraordinary achievement. For him, it was just another day in life.

“I am thankful to God for giving me good health all these years. I am happy that I was born in a family that gifted India an inspiring President. How you live is important than how long you live,” says Maraikayar, who was a coconut farmer. He also owned fishing boats and was active in its activities till he was 75 years.

On having an illustrious brother like Guru Kalam, the man of the moment said: “I am sad that my brother (Dr Kalam) is not here with me today. I knew that he was longing to be my side to see me celebrate 100 years. It was his biggest dream to be here in Rameswaram. I miss him. We had a family re-union when I turned 98 in 2014. My brother too was here then."

He said Guru Kalam’s elevation as President in 2002 was the proudest moment in his life. “He was a great soul and he lived till the last moment for the country and that is why he was called as the People’s President. I will be a happy man if the people followed the great thoughts of my brother. He touched a chord with the people of this country and we are overwhelmed to see the love people have for him even now,” he says.

He asked Team Billion Beats to focus on success stories of teachers in various schools across India.


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