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Guru Kalam: I see youngsters as future scientists 

By Team Billion Beats | JAN 2016

One of the most ardent participants of the Indian Science Congress, with a special inclination to the Children Science Congress, late Dr A P J Abdul Kalam had a profound impact on the annual event which reflected in his several addresses over the years.

Notable among them was the 90th session of the Congress, when he had taken office of the President of India. The 2003 Congress was held for the eighth time in Bengaluru with the focal theme ‘Frontier Science and Cutting Edge Technologies’.

It had an unique event, the Space Summit and he delivered the Summit address and outlined his vision for the globalspace community. He emphasised on the role space can play in solving water problem and the role in sustainable development.

“We have to look at international cooperation to address common issues, including the cost of access to space and cost reduction strategies. There is need for strategies to combat dangers from Asteroids, debris to space objects etc,” he said.

In 2013, during the 100th ISC, he had addressed the students and highlighted the importance of the Centenary year by stating: “Our planet Earth rotates around the axis once a day. The Earth orbits around the sun once a year. The Science Congress has moved around the Sun 100 times. Congratulations!"

Guru Kalam next offered an equation to the audience. "Knowledge = Creativity + Righteousness in the Heart + Courage." In 2014, during the 101st Congress, Guru Kalam inaugurated the Children Science Congress at the University of Jammu.

Addressing the occasion, Guru Kalam said that there is an obvious need to harness the creativity of our children so as to move towards an impatient India.

“Many of the brilliant ideas have originated out of young minds to become reality. Visualising the world, particularly India, in the coming 15 to 25 years, life will be transforming along unique systems namely smart waterways, advancement in space technology, harvesting solar energy from space and genetically modified essential medicines, modified seeds with required food value needed for human system,” he said.

According to him, creativity comes from beautiful minds and it is a process through which one can continuously improve ideas and find unique solutions by making gradual alterations and refinements to the works.

Last year, Guru Kalam said, "I see the young fellows in future as new scientists engaged in different disciplines of Science." He encouraged students to stick to the motto: I am born with potential, goodness and trust, ideas in dream, greatness and confidence and wings of vision, therefore ready to fly and take off.

(Guru Kalam was scheduled to visit Mysuru for the 103rd Indian Science Congress. He had even started asking his friends on the topic he should be speaking while addressing the children before his demise.
This piece is collated from his speeches at ISC over the years.)

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