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From a security guard to a designer

By Team Billion Beats | OCT 2016

Unlike many of us, Srikanth Kumar Sahu is a hard worker with a creative mind. Born in an economically backward family living in Odisha’s Tolakani village, he is one among the few around us who had a dream, and pursued it to his most imaginative way.

His is not a rags to riches story, but a story of what dreamers can achieve if given a chance. When young, it was virtually impossible for his family to live with the sole income of his father. Therefore, to support the financial requirements, he started working at a paan shop after school. He also used to help his father in the field.

"It was tough for a young boy. But all I cared was to have a stable living for my family. I always wanted to study and wanted nothing to stop me from gaining education. Even though I was running around doing odd jobs, I was determined to complete my studies and go ahead with life," he said recalling his childhood days.

As years passed, he realised his potential to paint. He started undertaking signboard art, cement art, clay art and painting jobs. He completed his BA from Jhadeswar Mahavidyalaya Tolakani, Jaipur and moved to Bengaluru to explore more income opportunities.

"For a young man like me, who had never stepped out of Odisha, Bengaluru was huge and big. It was the biggest city I had seen in my entire life till that day. I knew nobody in the city. I was petrified by the sheer volume of the city. I had no money and all I had was the determination and will to succeed," he said.

It was because of this determination and perseverance that after many rejections and disappointments, he got a job of a security guard in Neev Technologies.

In between he used to draw paintings also. One fine day, the CEO of Web Bazaar (a subsidiary of Neev Technologies) came over, and during a casual discussion, realised his enthusiasm and taste in designing.

She took him in and trained him in computer designing. "I felt a chill when I first touched the computer", he said.

One week he used to train during day shifts and the next week he practiced in the night shift. This cycle continued until he got a job at Web Bazaar as a designer. By this time his family also expanded.

He got married and had a son. In 2010, Web Bazaar gave him a job as a user interface designer. "I have done over 200 live sites so far. I now want to become a developer,” said Srikanth and added that when he looks back at his life, he feels amazed.

“It sounds like unreal. But deep down I know it is the end product of those sleepless nights and tears I spent to polish my skills. It gave me the courage to face the world," he said.

According to him, he has reached where he is because he dared to dream. “It was tough. But I wasn't ready to buckle down. Life is a struggle and you need to fight it out," he said.

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