"My National Flag flies in my heart and I will bring glory to my Nation." - Guru Kalam

Beats on Wheels


In line with the desire of Guru Kalam to capture inspiring stories of unsung heroes from villages, we launched Beats on Wheels on 26 January 2017, Republic Day. As its first initiative, the Billion Beats Team visited Kaliyuva Mane, an alternative school for underprivileged children in Kenchalagudu village, situated 15 km from Mysuru.

The school uses very unique teaching modes and doesn’t ask for the religion or caste of the child at the time of admission. It treats all children as equals, without any discrimination.

The Beats on Wheels team conducted a paper-plane contest for the children in addition to screening aerospace videos to fire their imagination. A model of India’s Light Combat Aircraft Tejas was also presented to the school.

The next mission was again in Mysuru. This time we drove down to the home of Ananth Rao, a paralysed gymnast. The story of Ananth Rao was shared to us by Indian Air Force’s Garud SF team, prompting us to quickly raise funds for him via Inspired Indian Foundation.

During an FB live session with the team, Ananth said he would fight all odds to win a medal for India at the next Paralympics. The FB session helped Ananth, with many viewers from across the globe directly contributing for his medical treatment.

FB live session with Ananth Rao's house near Mysore: http://bit.ly/2s1eHX2

The third mission of Beats on Wheels was to Betadur village near Hubli in Karnataka. We visited the home of late Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad, who was martyred in February 2016, after being buried under snow in the Saichen Glacier for six days following an avalanche.

This was an unforgettable assignment, with Hanumanthappa’s family members joining us for a special FB live session from his home. The team interacted with his wife Mahadevi, little daughter Netra and mother Basamma and grandmother Pakkiramma. Netra was excited to be with the team and enjoyed the gifts and sweets we had specially carried for her.

FB live session from Hanumanthappa's village in Hubli: http://bit.ly/2s14SIQ

(If you have an inspiring story in your village, do write to us. If the story fulfils our criteria we shall schedule a visit, coordinating with you. We could also do an FB live session if mobile connectivity is good. Later, the story would be featured in Billion Beats.)
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